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Maybe you’re an artist or jewelry designer who wants to create a new design by melting gold.  You need the right equipment’s to melt gold.

The Melting Point of gold, that is, the temperature at which gold changes state from solid to liquid, is 1064 C°. Once reached the adequate temperature, the crucible is removed from the furnace and the casting process starts by pouring the molten material in cast iron or lead molds. The molten gold needs to be poured quickly to avoid any uneven stratification before it solidifies.

The below attached photo is for your reference, which was supplied recently to one of our valuable client.

These beakers are used in gold refining industries at gold melting shops to transfer molten gold to other places from the furnace. Since these beakers are made up of titanium material, which has a high melting point of 1,668 °C can hold the molten gold without causing any impurities to it.

These products are known for their world class quality and smooth functioning which is possible due to the high grade material and advance technology used in their manufacturing.

This is one of the key benefits of titanium. It demonstrates an exceptionally high melting point and, as such, is perfect for use in high-temperature applications. For example, it’s the metal of choice for foundries, turbine jet engines and even in some satellites.

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