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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd is one of the trustworthy manufacturers, exporters, dealers, and suppliers of IMPELLERAn impeller is a rotating component equipped with vanes or blades used in turbomachinery. An impeller is a mechanical device that helps in shaking or stirring a liquid or mixture of liquids. Agitators are widely used for multiple operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, grease, metal extraction, paint, adhesive, water, and cosmetic industries. Flow deflection at the impeller vanes allows mechanical power (energy at the vanes) to be converted into pump power output. We produce impeller which is manufactured in-house from traceable metals, which are in precision made to the usual international standards. Given mentioned photographs shows TAF's efficiency and experience.

Recently we have supplied impeller to one of our valuable customer and the product photo is attached below.

Impellerare made from Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel, Zirconium, Hastelloy are our main focus.

The main functions of using an impeller in any plant are:

·         To get proper mixing of liquids.

·         To promote chemical reaction inside the equipment.

·         To increase heat transfer during heating or cooling

·         To keep homogeneous liquid bulk during storage.

·         To disperse immiscible liquids.

·         To keep the product in a mixed state till used.

·         To blend miscible liquids.

·         To dissolve some solids into liquid.

The agitators are defined as a machine where an impeller with a rotating shaft imparts energy by mechanical means to mix various process media

Applications of Industrial impeller

Industrial impeller are used in various applications like

·         Mixing in tank

·         Viscous products and non-Newtonian liquids

·         Clean and lightly contaminated liquids,

·         Fibrous and Non-fibrous slurries

·         Liquids with high gas or solid content

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