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The Heating Coil is used to overcome problems of heat transfer in aggressive environments. Heating coils manufactured by us are very efficient and play a vital role in heat transfer applications. It may be directly immersed in the medium to heat it up or radiate heat through an open space. The heating Coil manufactured by us can easily withstand very high temperatures and it might not melt down the coil or heating element with the increase in temperature. The heating Coil manufactured by us is very rigid in shape and does not deform when used at high temperatures. We produce high-quality Heating Coil, manufactured in-house from traceable metals, which are in precision made to the usual international standards. Given mentioned photographs shows TAF's efficiency and experience. We are one of the trustworthy manufacturers, exporters, dealers, and suppliers of HEATING COIL.

Recently we have supplied Heating Coil to one of our valuable customers and the product photo is attached below.


The heating Coils made from Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel, Zirconium, Hastelloy are our main focus. Custom-built coils are also available.

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