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Bayonet heaters or heat exchangers are designed to immerse directly in the process chemicals for the steam heating chemicals at the desired temperature level. They are furnished fully and are easy to install in the process lines. They have high corrosion resistance which makes them the most demanding product in high corrosion applications. Moreover, the high thermal conductivity offers efficient heat transfer and is designed for long life, reliability, and requires minimum maintenance.

The Tantalum Bayonet Heat Exchanger is installed horizontally like flanged nozzles and some vertically like stuffing boxes. Often such heaters are inserted inside the tank and made of the tube bundle, tube sheet, or bonnet. There are different reasons to use these heat exchangers like they can be removed for inspection and cleaning. They can even heat nearly all types of liquid and offer a long lifespan.

These heat exchangers are well inspected and tested under the guidance and supervision of experts as per the setup industry norms and regulations. So, buy Tantalum Bayonet Heat Exchanger from us as per your demand. These heat exchangers are mainly designed in such a way that they can easily fulfill all the demands and requirements of customers.

Tantalum Bayonet heaters are made from Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel, and Zirconium are our main focus. Recently we have supplied Bayonet heaters to one of our valuable customers and the product photo is attached below.


Bayonet Heater is a device used for heating liquids in huge storage tanks with volume in large quantity. The Tantalum Bayonet heaters are mounted inside a pressure-tight Bayonet pipe which is a sealed pipe with an end cap. Immersion heaters are directly immersed in the fluid to heat like water, oil, viscous material, and solvents.

Advantages of Tantalum Bayonet Heaters:-

#    Long-term validity as compared to other materials

#    Cost saving if it is well maintained

#    Corrosion resistant

#    High heat transfer efficiency

#    Eliminates expensive downtime due to equipment failure

#    Good heat conductor with Welding properties

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