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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd has an internationally recognized reputation for the manufacture of the Clamp. A clamp is a fastening device used to hold or secure objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation through the application of inward pressure. In the clamp there is head and so you could use a socket wrench get the right size socket. And you can loosen it up or tighten it up the other great thing not only is it a lot easier to use. There are different types of clamps: Adjustable Pipe Clamps, Cushioned Pipe Clamps, Rigid Clamps, Yoke Type Clamps, Riser Pipe Clamps, etc.

Titanium Hose Clamps from Tiaano are revolutionary. The stainless steel hose clamp will finally rust and fail. Tiaano hose clamps are 100% titanium, so they will never corrode or rust even when completely submersed in seawater or fresh water...ever. Stainless steel just cannot compete. Titanium is 40% stronger and 40% lighter than stainless.

Our sincere team of professionals and employees are always making an extensive effort to make high range of qualitative products which can be completely satisfy the expectations of our reliable consumers. You can avail this range of Clamps at a very reasonable price and with customer customization. We are proficiency in ethical to the equipment demands in diverse industries including Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Food, Pharma and others.


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