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Titanium Cells for Electrolytic generation of Hydrogen & Oxygen
Oxy-Hydrogen / HHO is a non-toxic gas, used as a supplement to any traditional fuels such as Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel and Heavy oil to Increase… Engine performance, Mileage and Pollution free exhaust. Titanium Electrolyzer (anode & cathode assembly) coated with Platinum group precious metal oxides separates clean & soft (distilled) water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases, using small amount of DC power.

Titanium electrolyzers consist 99.9% pure titanium base, standards as per ASTM B Gr.1 in the form of expanded metal, sheet or tube with a thin coating of platinum group precious metal oxides between 10 to 12 microns. They posses electrochemical properties of precious metals.

The advantages of titanium electrolyzers (anode and cathode assembly) are...
  • Long operating life, maintenance-free, high dimensional stability & load resistance, good current distribution, high corrosion resistance and low weight.
  • Purest form of HHO, Clean water always, No by-product gases, No corrosion, No maintenance, No hexavalent chromium, No rust, No sludge, No flushing or disassembly ever required.
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, India design & manufacturing titanium electrolyzers since 2007 and exporting 48 countries. In addition to the custom-design electrodes, standard titanium electrolyzers are available for…
I] HHO generation with the configurations of…
  • Dry cells with PPE cell construction.
  • Dry cells with CTE cell construction.
  • Wet cells with PPME/PPE cell constructions.
II] Separated Hydrogen & Oxygen generation with the configuration of …
  • Cells with PEM (membrane based)
According to the customer’s requirement, either Monopolar or Bipolar design is to be adopted. www.watercar.in have a self explanation.

PPE Dry Cells

PPE Dry Cells

PPE Dry Cells
Wet Cell for 50-125CC
Wet Cell for 2000CC
PPME Wet Cells

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