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The antifouling properties are guaranteed by the sodium hypochlorite which produced from the electrolyser; while the continuous water flow and the low concentration of hypochlorite allow reducing the hydrogen concentration and the high aggressiveness properties of the solution.

The complete reaction 2 NaCl + H2O --> NaOCl + NaCl + H2 describes how the solution salt + water, of which seawater is composed of, produces hypochlorite, salt and hydrogen through a simple electrolytic process continually nourished by the passage of the current through the electrolyser.

It's also interesting to note that when the electrolysis has taken place the solution reverts to salt and water within 10 - 20 minutes.

Furthermore the plant ensures periodical cycles of automatic cleaning to protect the anodes from the encrustations and extend the duration up to 2 years at work.

Due to the following reasons electro chlorinator (sodium hypochlorite generator), manufactured by M/s. Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd., India., it is worth installing it on board.

  • Antifouling in Sea chests : Cleaning of the sea chests by leading chlorinated discharge water through sea chests.

  • Prevention of biological mud formation : Elimination and prevention of biological mud formation inside refrigerants and condensers in which seawater circulate.

  • Deodorization & disinfection : Deodorization and disinfection of the sanitary services. The antifouling treatment eliminates also putrefaction (causes horrible smells) that occurs in the sanitary pipes especially on old ships.

  • Prevention of Mussels : Prevention and elimination of mussels (shells etc.), barnacles, seaweed etc. formation in the pipes where seawater passes, in particular in narrow passages.

  • Antifouling treatment serves to maintain clean for instance :
    • Cooling engine circuits, condensers, generators, refrigerators, fire control.
    • Location of anti-roll fins.
    • Cooling system of the shaft line supports etc..

Tiaano ECU 05 consist of…
Power supply : It pumps the Direct Current to the electrolyzer, receives alarm signals from the peripheral parts of the plant, and optionally it control the distribution of the solution in the different parts of the board.

Chlorine generator : It is an assembly of electrolyser, generates the NaOCl from the seawater, equipped with titanium pressure / flow switch for the regularization of seawater.

Valve box & Injection point (optional) : provides the distribution of the NaOCl in the different sea chests and can be manually or automatically controlled.

System Standards
Model Out put kg/Hr Sea Water in M3
Min flow rate Treated with 0.5 ppm
Tiaano S CTE 050 / CS 0.050 1.5 100
Tiaano S CTE 125 / CM 0.125 1.5 250
Tiaano S PPE 125 / CM 0.125 1.5 250
Tiaano S CTE 250 / CM 0.250 2.9 500
Tiaano S PPE 250 / CM 0.250 2.9 500
Tiaano S CTE 350 / CM 0.350 4.0 700
Tiaano S PPE 350 / CM 0.350 4.0 700
Tiaano S PPE 500 / CM 0.500 5.7 1000
Tiaano S PPE 750 / CM 0.750 5.7 1500
Tiaano S PPE 1000 / CM 1.000 5.7 2000

Supply of Spare parts…

  • Replacement cells.
  • Plant refurbishment and Retrofit of latest technology upgrade to older installations.
  • Service Contracts including Planned Preventive Maintenance.
  • Maintenance Work for Convenience.
  • Operation & Maintenance Training.
  • On-site Inspection & Survey.
  • Warranty part service.

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