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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd., India offers Platinized Titanium Anodes and Platinized Niobium Anodes for Electrochemical and Metal Finishing Industry applications
  • Electro dialysis.
  • Electroforming.
  • Cathodic Protection.
  • Electrochemical Sensing.
  • Electro winning and Refining of metals.
  • Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid.
  • Electroplating for precious and base metals.
  • Electrolytic recovery for precious and base metals.
  • Electrolytic Production of Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Electro synthesis of Inorganic & Organic chemicals.
Description PTA PNA MMOA
pH Level: (range) 1.0-12.0 1.0-10.0 1.0-12.0
Platinum / mixed oxide layer tk. 1.5-20.0 1.5-15.0 8.0
Fluorides content (max) 50mg/l 500mg/l 50mg/l
Allowable current (max) 50A/dm2 100A/dm2 50A/dm2

Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anodes are available in mesh, plate, sheet, rod, wire, tube and custom-built.
  • Platinum plated Titanium (Platinized Titanium) anode 1250 mm x 1000
  • Platinum plated Niobium (Platinized Niobium) anode 900 mm x 500
  • Plating thickness minimum 1.5 & max 20
  • Low weight.
  • Good current resistance.
  • Long operating life: maintenance free.
  • Economical, due to low platinum requirements.
  • High dimensional stability and load resistance.
  • Highly suitable as auxiliary anodes of complex geometrical shapes.
  • Plated & Non-plated hanging hook, frame / band.
  • Platinum Plated Titanium for electrolytes without fluoride.
  • Platinum Plated Niobium for electrolytes having fluoride.
  • Platinum Plated Niobium for where we need better conduction. Niobium has three times conductivity of Titanium.
  • Platinum Plated Niobium for Sulphuric acid chromium plating bath operated at current density greater than 75 amps / dm2.

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Platinum & MMO Coated Anodes
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