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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India offers platinum group precious metal oxide coatings - for long lifetimes & low operating potentials for service in...

  • Chlorine cells viz., Membrane, Mercury (runner, rod & strip), Diaphragm Cells.
  • Chlorate & Perchlorate cells viz., plate type, diaphragm, Modular & Tank Cells.
  • Iodate & Bromate cells
  • Hypochlorite cells of mono-polar, Bi-polar.

Tiís coating systems are based on a range of nano-structured multi-layers of metal oxides; these include Ru, Ir, Pt, Pl and Ti - offer increased performance over conventional materials by maximising catalytic phases and surface area interactions. By adding doping agents to the catalysts, we are able to make them more selective and further improve performance.

The developed coating technology allows for very thin layers to be deposited increasing cost effectiveness. The MMO Coated substrate will undergo multiple thermal treatments at elevated temperatures. This process will achieve very good bonding properties between the mixed metal oxide coating and the substrate.

Recoating leads double the life of Electrolyzers with half of the cost. Almost all Electrolyzers can be refurbished to new specifications; its cost will be just half of buying new one.

Refurbishment include recoating, rebuilding the standoff and / or replacement, depending on the condition of the Electrolyzers. Refurbishment time is only 2-4 weeks. Low current output, damaged standoffs, leaking seals or damaged mounting threads are the symptoms of refurbishment.

Our in-depth, hands-on knowledge of anode recoating & well-equipped in-plant infrastructures can help customers prolong the life of expensive anode structures through repair & recoating, rather than replacement.

Further to expedite the delivery of refurbishment, Ti keeps most of the raw material [precious metals (Ru, Ir, Pd, Pt), Expanded titanium mesh, Plates of titanium, Hast alloy & Nickel rods, wires & pre-prepared Titanium strips / runner fingers)] in stock.

Electrolyzer refurbishment
Refurbishment / Recoating

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