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Tiaano, has emerged as a specialist in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining Sewage Treatment Plants, using electrolytic techniques. Electrolytic is the passing of electrical current through water has proven very effective in the removal of contaminants from water by destabilising and electro coagulating the suspended organic and inorganic solids with in the sewage waste. This electrochemical sewage treatment system is noiseless, clean and significantly reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) turbidity, suspended solids, colour, odour and pathogenic bacterial count. The electrolytic sewage water treatment system is environmental, user and operator friendly. It is also compact in space. Tiaano's electrolytic STP comprises the process of...
  • Electro Coagulation
  • Electro Oxidation
  • Electro Chlorination
  • Filtration
Our treatment plants are installed in Hospitals, Colleges & School Hostels, and Star Hotels. In Residential apartments and Foods & Beverage industries for treatment of gray water and removal of oil & grease.

With unique NOBLE METAL Electrodes & the electrochemical processes, Tiaano produces the Sewage Treatment plants, having capacity to treat the sewages of 0.025 MLD (Millions of Litres per day) to 250 MLD. Tiaano and its associates have vast experience in the treatment of water using electrochemical techniques.

Tiaano has its manufacturing base in Chennai and worldwide distribution network. We can design, manufacture & supply complete Sewage Treatment systems, alternately Electrolyser cells or any other components. Our team is made up of specialists including Chemical, Electrochemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, having more than 2 decades experience in related electrolytic processes.
Why Sewage Treatment Plant by electrolytic or electrochemical process?
CConventionally, sewage treatment means, it is…
  • Sludge intensive,
  • Area intensive,
  • Civil work intensive,
  • Power intensive &
  • Intensive of Chemical feed.

Electrolytic Sewage treatment process is completely breaks this thought. It is unique …
  • Non-biological system,
  • Chemical free,
  • No need of sludge management,
  • Less space,
  • Barest civil construction,
  • No Carbon Dioxide (CO2)2emission.
Importance of Electrolytic Sewage Treatment:
Statutory compliance requirements, Economic factors, Disposal problems, Self-regulatory organizations, Environmental policies of organizations etc have given this field its long-due importance.
Supporting System:
  • Sewage Storage Tank / Equalization Tank/Buffer Tank
  • Treated water tank
  • Waste Slurry Tank
  • Fresh water line
  • 5 KW power for 100 KLD of wastewater
Comparison between electrolytic sewage water treatment system and conventional biological activated sludge process
Chemical free Feed chemicals like lime, Alum.
Accelerated start up time Takes very long to establish bio mass
Can be operated as and when needed Needs continuous operation
Non biological process Micro biological process
Gives Pathogen free out put Does not give disinfected water
No need of Aeration Needs Aeration
No need to maintain MLSS
(Mixed Liquors Suspended Solids)
Needs to maintain MLSS in Aeration tanks
Treated water can be recycled for many application Treated water cannot be used for most application
Shock load can be easily tackled Shock load cannot be tackled.
Independent of toxicity Toxicity destroys MLSS, Restoration takes time.
Noiseless Noisy because of Aerators & its drives.
Less sludge with better dewatering Generates more sludge with lower dewatering
Clarity and quality of treated water output Clarity and quality of treated water is not as good.
Compact plant with small foot print Large plant with larger foot print
Modular in construction Fixed construction
Easily expandable Difficult to expand
Easy to operate Difficult to operate
Easy to operate Difficult to operate
Less moving parts More than 75% is moving parts
Easy to maintain the plant Difficult to maintain the plant
Low plant downtime High plant downtime
High performance to cost ratio Low performance to cost ratio
Performance Comparison:
Parameter Untreated ELECTROLYTIC Sewage Treatment Plant CONVENTIONAL Sewage Treatment Plant
Result Reduction Result Reduction
Turbidity N.T.U 30 1.7 95% 10 66%
S.S. ppm 320 20 94% 55 83%
COD ppm 368 60 84% 108 71%
BOD ppm 250 25 90% 25 90%
D.O. ppm Nil 4 - Nil -
E. Coli Present Nil 100% Present -
Oil & Grease 120 -2100 100 85% No effective Removal -
Interested parties are requested to fill and send the Data Sheet for further processing/ project pricing
Requst you to fill and send the Data sheet for our further proceeding / project pricing

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