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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd has an internationally recognized reputation for the manufacture of the Titanium Impeller. An impeller is a rotating component equipped with vanes or blades used in turbo machinery (e. g. centrifugal pumps). Flow deflection at the impeller vanes allows mechanical power (energy at the vanes) to be converted into pump power output.


Titanium impellers are widely used in aerospace and naval engineering. The titanium or a titanium alloy in the inventive impeller reduces the weight along with ensuring reduction in modulus of elasticity, increased yield strength, tensile strength, toughness and impact resistance.


The features are as follows:

  1. High strength-to-weight ratio
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. Can be applied in many critical applications

Our sincere team of professionals and employees are always making an extensive effort to make high range of qualitative products which can be completely satisfy the expectations of our reliable consumers. We are proficiency in ethical to the equipment demands in diverse industries including Power, Oil & Gas, and Chemical, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Food, Pharma and others.