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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd offer the Sleeves for thermo well and or Sensor Safety pocket out of Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Titanium, Titanium Palladium alloy (Titanium Gr.7), Molybdenum, Ceramic, PTFE or Teflon, Nickel and its alloys like Hastelloy B, B2, & C, Inconel, Monel, Nicrofer etc.


Tiaano’s Thermo wells and Sleeves are designed to meet standards, established by BSI, DIN, ASME, ISO 9001 and other authorities; manufactured in-house from traceable Exotic & Refractory Metals, Precious & non-ferrous metals and Polymer elements. They are all precision made to the highest standards of finish in our modern well equipped machine shop.


§  ASME IX coded welding

§  Gun drill facility to ASTM A182 or BS 503

§  NACE Heat treatment MR-01-75.

§  Computerized corrosion database.

§  Full material traceable

§  Variety of thermo well sleeves is from "single roof”

§  Pneumatic test on sleeves up to 30 kg / cm2 for 2 hours.

Dye penetrant and Radiography test as and when required.


A.  Fabricated Sleeves

* Seam weld Sleeves.

* Seamless (Safety Pockets) Sleeves.

             * Seamless Exotic metal sleeves.

* Ceramic Tube Wells.

* Polymer Wells.

B.  To prevent Crevice corrosion, Oxide (MMO) layer coating on Sleeves

C.  Accessories of Plug or Cap, Nut and chain with well.



 Recently we supplied seam weld sleeves photos are attached above: 

Please feel free to contact us equipmentsmktg@tiaano.com  / rotarysupport@tiaano.com  

Will share our credentials (client list, performance certificate, etc.) based on email request.

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