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Nickel Lined M.S. Thermometer Pocket - The thermometer pocket will be fabricated & machined from Mild steel Rod & Plate and Lined with Nickel 201 material on all External Surfaces. It will be used in the Caustic Concentration plant. Temperature measurement in today’s industrial environment encompasses a wide variety of needs and applications. To meet this wide array of needs the industry has developed a large number of sensors and devices to handle this demand. Many processes have to be either monitored or controlled temperature. Temperature measurement can be classified into a few general categories such as using Thermometers, Probes, and Non-contact. Temperature sensors provide valuable data for continuously tracking thermal conditions, and provide feedback to control systems. Several applications require action once the system goes above or below functional temperature thresholds. Temperature sensors provide output alerts upon the detection of defined conditions to prevent system damage. Temperature sensors can maximize the performance of a system as temperature changes during normal operations. Monitoring and correcting the drift of other critical components as they heat up and cool down reduces the risk of system failure. the need to process more data from more sensors, further necessitating the importance of temperature measurement—not just to measure system or environmental conditions, but to compensate for other temperature-sensitive components in order to maintain both sensor and system accuracy. Temperature monitoring can increase system performance and reduce costs by removing the need to overdesign systems.

Recently we have supplied the temperature sensor to one of our valuable customers and the product photo is attached below.


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